BSB51315 - Diploma of Work Health and Safety course develops the skills and knowledge required to work as a WHS practitioner in a wide variety of work health and safety contexts.

Training package currency

All currently enrolled students will be offered the opportunity to transition to the new qualification once it is approved on the CRICOS register. Kinggdom has this qualification approved on it’s VET registration but it is not yet showing on it’s CRICOS registration. Any student who commences after May 2020 must transition to the new qualification. The new qualification has been updated to meet current training package requirements but is equivalent and so the transition will not disrupt student progress or change any fee arrangements.


Students successfully completing the course will receive the BSB51315 - Diploma of Work Health and Safety.

Job Prospects

Graduates of the BSB51315 (087436G) – Diploma of Work Health and Safety course will be able to seek employment in the following areas:

  • WHS Coordinators
  • Health Safety Manager

Delivery Location

This qualification will be delivered at Subiaco. It will be partially delivered on location of employment as part of a work based training arrangement.

Selection Criteria
Entry Requirements
Course Fees

Assessment of previous training/experience, if relevant, will be made as part of the application process. KIM will review each student's previous qualifications and/or skills and knowledge during the enrolment process to ensure that all students possess the characteristics to achieve the required rigour and depth of training and can meet all of the competency requirements in the current course time-frame.

The course is provided through a blended face-to-face and online delivery mode over a 39 week period including up to 10 weeks holidays (scheduled to coincide with WA school holiday breaks published here )

International Students wishing to study at Kinggdom Institute of Management are required to satisfy minimum International Language English test requirements and provide evidence of the English test result as a part of the Enrolment process. View the table to the right for the minimum requirements.

Entry Requirements also include:
All core units in BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health
and Safety or equivalent competencies.
Equivalent competencies are predecessors to the
following units which have been mapped as equivalent:
+ BSBWHS402 Assist with compliance with WHS laws.
+ BSBWHS403 Contribute to implementing and
maintaining WHS consultation and participation
+ BSBWHS404 Contribute to WHS hazard
identification, risk assessment and risk control.
+BSBWHS405 Contribute to implementing and
maintaining WHS management systems.
+BSBWHS406 Assist with responding to incidents.

+ Tuition Fees: AUD$ 12,600
+ Application Fees (Non - Refundable): AUD$ 250
+ Material and Resource Fee: AUD$ 250
TOTAL: AUD$ 13,100

Unit Selection

Unit Code Unit Title
Core BSBWHS502 Manage WHS consultation and participation processes
Core BSBWHS503 Lead WHS Risk Management
Core BSBWHS504 Manage WHS risks
Core BSBWHS505 Investigate WHS incidents
Core BSBWHS506 Contribute to developing, implementing and maintaining an organisations WHS management systems
Elective BSBWHS510 Contribute to implementing emergency procedures
Elective BSBWHS410 Contribute to work-related health and safety measures and initiatives
Imported BSBRSK501 Manage Risk
Elective BSBWHS509 Facilitate the development and use of risk management tools

For more information please download our Course Guide

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