Perth, the capital city of Western Australia is one of Australia’s most popular cities for international students with thousands choosing to live and study here.

It’s one of the most politically stable countries in the world, where citizens from more than 100 nations live in multi-cultural harmony.

It is a genuinely international city with a vibrant arts scene, a multicultural population, cosmopolitan cafes, restaurants and pubs and world-renowned sporting events with many opportunities for social and leisure activities.

Perth, itself is located along the beautiful western coast of Australia, just a few kilometres from the beautiful Swan Valley. With the sea to the west and wine lands to the east, the city offers something for everyone.

The official language is English, however, more than 100 languages are spoken by the residents.


Perth has a Mediterranean climate with dry hot summers and mild wet winters. Although most of the rainfall does occur in winter there are still plenty of sunny days to enjoy the outdoor life that is so typical of Western Australia.

The climate does vary up and down the coast, with the north experiencing much warmer weather than the south. As Perth is located in the southern hemisphere we experiences opposite seasons to those in Europe, North America and most of Asia.

During the warmer months, October to March, most of the eastern Australian states have daylight savings – the clocks are moved forward by one hour to allow for more day light hours in the evenings. Perth does not have day light saving.

Table extracted 17 August 2017 from StudyPerth

Cost of Living in Perth

The expected cost of living is approximately AUD$18,610 per annum if you are single, this does not include your tuition fees and textbooks, or furniture and additional household goods. An additional 35% per annum should be added if you have a spouse and a further 20% per annum for each dependent child.

The cost of living will vary depending on the style of accommodation and the lifestyle you choose. Recreation and entertainment are matters of personal taste; the amount spent varies depending on your interests, budget and location. In estimating incidental expenses you should consider items such as medical, transport, occasional restaurant meals, recreation, personal items, sightseeing and entertainment. These incidental items can total up to AUD$18,610 a year.

It is advisable to have approximately AUD$400 in cash and AUD$1,500 in traveller’s cheques or an international credit card with you to help cover your funds in the first few days and any establishment costs associated with accommodation.


For more information about living in Perth, download our guide for more information

Guide to Living in Perth