Kinggdom Institute of Management does not have its own on-campus student accommodation but there are several housing and accommodation options available. Students can choose to share and/or rent an apartment, flat or house, or stay in student apartment complexes or hostels, or live with an Australian family in a Homestay boarding situation.

Cost of accommodation can vary significantly and will be determined by location, type of housing and how many people are to share the accommodation.

Temporary Accommodation

International students may initially book temporary accommodation so they can make some informed choices about where they would like to permanently reside after they have arrived in Perth.

Kinggdom Institute of Management can recommend several budget backpacker/hostel (shared facilities, dormitory style) options where you can take some time to explore Perth and other accommodation alternatives.

Please refer to our website or student Administration for further information and contact details of recommended hostels. Student Support can assist you to make arrangements for temporary accommodation.

Renting a House/Flat

If you are considering rental accommodation in either a house of flat, there are a range of other expenses that need to be considered. Rental properties usually require one (1) months’ rent in advance and one (1) months’ rent for bond, cost of furniture and amenities and periodic utility expenses (gas, electricity, water, telephone).

It could be a more feasible option to rent a room in an already established house which will not only assist with expenses but a good opportunity to gain some independence but still have a close support network there for you.

In these types of accommodation you are expected to share the cleaning of the common areas as well as doing your own washing. Cooking is sometimes done individually or as a household. Living conditions are usually established at the time of entering a lease contract with the other occupants.

Housing and flat costs will vary on size of the accommodation and number of occupants.

For further information and up-to-date listings of properties in Perth go to:


Homestay is a term used to describe boarding with a family. With Homestay accommodation, the student has a single furnished bedroom and shares all other areas of the house. Students can elect to have all meals provided or choose to prepare their own food.

It is expected that the student would be treated as a member of the family. All Homestay families have completed comprehensive police and facilities check.

Kinggdom Institute of Management recommends Homestay as it is a perfect way to help improve your English and understand the Australian way of life while living with a carefully selected friendly Australian family.

Student Support can assist you with the application processes.

Costs of Homestay range depending on the services provided (full board including food or just board) but are generally around AUD$130 – $230 per week. The advantages of staying with a host family are to give you more opportunity to learn:

  • English
  • Experience Australian culture
  • Learn about city sites and local areas around campus
  • Good solid understanding of local amenities
  • Share accommodation options.

Most Homestay families will also live in close proximity to public transport allowing students to have easy access to get around the city for studying and social purposes.

Kinggdom Institute of Management can provide you with brochures on a range of other temporary accommodation choices as outlined on our website.

It is recommended that some form of accommodation is arranged prior to travel. We are more than happy to assist you with your needs.